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About NorthGlass

Glass surrounds us. Everything from our phone screens in our pockets to the store fronts that line our streets are produced using the amazing material. Here at NorthGlass we produce all sorts of glass related products including machinery to manufacture high quality glass as well as glass products themselves.

Glass Deep Procesing Machine
    1. Glass Tempering Furnace
    2. Glass Tempering FurnaceEquipped standard with "Finer Heating Control Partition" and "Intelligent Heating Control System based on glass Exit-temperature", suitable to produce highest quality tempered glass at large-scale production with high efficiency and stability.
    1. Glass Coating Machine
    2. Glass Coating MachineNorthglass horizontal architectural glass coating machines mainly produce Low-E coated glass, solar-control glass, AR film, etc. by using magnetron sputtering method depositing different kinds of material on the substrate.
Deep Processing Glass
    1. Toughened Glass
    2. Toughened GlassWith dimensions of 3.6 m x 18.0 m and "Roller Waves" of less than 0.08 mm, NorthGlass toughened glass is the largest and highest quality heat treated glass available in the world.
    1. Insulated Glass
    2. Insulated GlassTo protect the environment and to comply with national building regulations, Insulating Glass Units are a necessity of modern glass architecture. NorthGlass Insulating Glass Units, can be provided as double glazed or triple glazed.
    1. Curved Glass
    2. Curved GlassCurved Glass is an essential element of modern, free-form architecture. To meet the current market requirements NorthGlass Curved Glass is produced by using three different production processes.
    1. Laminated Glass
    2. Laminated GlassLaminated Glass consists of multiple layers of glass laminated together with highly tear resistant interlayers. The choice of interlayer depends on the application.
    1. Print Glass
    2. Print GlassDigital Printed Glass provides designers with additional architectural freedom. The variety of colours and patterns is infinite. The ceramic ink is then fired into the glass surface during the heat treatment.
    1. Coated Glass
    2. Coated GlassHigh performance coatings can not only improve the energy performance of the glass facade but provide a unique appearance to the building. With our in house coating line, NorthGlass is able to provide clients with custom made coatings.
Trade Show Portfolio
    1. Trade Show Portfolio
    1. Trade Show Portfolio
    1. Trade Show Portfolio
    1. Trade Show Portfolio
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    1. Trade Show Portfolio