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Glass Processing Automation System

Each glass processing enterprise has specific requirements for their products,Whatever the stand-alone operation or single to the existing system, even a new complete turnkey project, NorthGlass will provide complete perfect solutions according to your requirements. NorthGlass can also make the personalized optimization to your existed machines in your factory.

    1. Mobile Rack System
      Supplying more racks with different kinds of raw glass than that of traditional fixed loading stations; achieving smaller working area and better optimization rate. It has the features of mix cutting many kinds of raw glass, saving the time, manpower and material cost happened during frequency changing raw glass can be saved. In general, it is used in one or two cutting lines.
    1. Raw Glass Dispatch System
      Managing dozens of full raw glass packages and dispatching each package by shuttle to 1-6 cutting lines; achieving best cutting efficiency and lowering full package glass loading risk. Applying for large scale batch jobs, avoiding breaking off during cutting caused by raw glass dispatch, improving glass using ratio as many cutting lines working together.
    1. Glass Cutting Machine
      CNC glass cutting line includes glass loading machine, glass cutting machine and break-out table.
      Working station loading: loading glasses according to the working station, suitable for economic mass production, single station or multi-station is optional.
    1. Vertical Glass Seaming Machine
      Can do bottom-edge and chamfering work with good grinding effort;
      Using resin diamond grinding wheels, long work life;
      Using vertical closed structure, saving space, waterproof performance, no water splash, clean working environment.
    1. Vertical Buffer System
      After size measurement, storing rectangular glasses into cages by batches vertically, also can take out them in sequence according to system requirements, which can sort and store glasses for the next production procedure; each grid can store single or several pieces glasses to make full use of the storage space.
    1. Horizontal Storage System
      Components: Convey Table; Lifter; Storage Cage
      Functions: measuring the size of the rectangle glass and storing the glass into the cages; releasing glass according to the requirement.
    1. 3D Warehouse
      Walking Speed: 60m/min
      Lifting Speed: 15m/min
      Maximum Loading: 3T/Rack
      Loading Capacity: 3T
    1. AVG-Automatic Guided Vehicle
      Guiding Method: Magnetic wire
      Loading Weight: 2T, 3T, 3.5T
      Walking Speed: 0-15Km/h
      Positioning Precision: ±10mm