About NorthGlass

Glass surrounds us. Everything from our phone screens in our pockets to the store fronts that line our streets are produced using the amazing material. Here at NorthGlass we produce all sorts of glass related products including machinery to manufacture high quality glass as well as glass products themselves. Our glass is found all over the world in construction projects that you yourself may have seen in person. We have earned a reputation for quality and you can rely on NorthGlass for all of your glass needs. Details

Main Products
    1. Glass Tempering Furnace
      Tempering Furnace Business Unit is the core sector of NorthGlass with the largest sales value since 20 years ago. From the development and sales of the first glass tempering furnace in 1995, TFD has totally produced and sold nearly 4000 glass tempering furnaces.
    1. Low-E Glass Coating Machine
      Northglass horizontal architectural glass coating machines mainly produce Low-E coated glass, solar-control glass, AR film, etc. by using magnetron sputtering method depositing different kinds of material on the substrate.
    1. Glass Processing Automation System
      Each glass processing enterprise has specific requirements for their products,Whatever the stand-alone operation or single to the existing system, even a new complete turnkey project, NorthGlass will provide complete perfect solutions according to your requirements.
    1. Screen Printing Machine
      Operating system: color HMI numerical control system, elegant and convenient, meeting the requirements of digitalization and humanization. Positioning mode: servo machinery or CCD visual positioning for option.
    1. Pre-processing Equipment for Auto Glass and Industrial Glass
      The precise and reliable running of pre-processing equipment for auto glass and industry glass can eliminate the glass scratch problem with strong consistency support ability to improve ending grinding and drilling quality.
    1. Toughened Glass
      With dimensions of 3.6 m x 18.0 m and "Roller Waves" of less than 0.08 mm, NorthGlass toughened glass is the largest and highest quality heat treated glass available in the world.
    1. Curved Glass
      Curved Glass is an essential element of modern, free-form architecture. To meet the current market requirements NorthGlass Curved Glass is produced by using three different production processes. This enables NorthGlass to produce curved glass of the highest quality and best safety characteristics for each individual project.
    1. Print Glass
      NorthGlass introduces Israel advanced digital ink-jet printing equipment, printing the inorganic high temperature ink on the glass by digital ink-jet technique, then sintering with high temperature to make the ink fixed on the glass surface permanently.
    1. Industrial Fan
      Adopting international standard bearing seat, lubricating with grease, barely no need to maintain. If replacement of bearing and bearing seat is needed, it is easy to buy them from the market, just like buying bolt or nut without asking help from fan suppliers. No need to dismantle impeller when replacing them.