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Processed Glass
  • Leadenhall Office Building in UK
    Main glass makeup: 6mm clear glass blue(or red) strip frit HS (#2)(outside)+1.52PVB+6mm
    SunGuard HS SN51/28 -LOW-E (#4)+16AR+6mm clear glass+0.38 clear PVB+0.38 milky
    PVB+6mm clear glass
    Total sqm: 8000sqm

  • Three Quays in UK
    Main glass makeup: 10C FT w/HST SunGE05VT 2# w/black frit on edge+16Ar+6 C
    HS+1.14PVB+6C HS
    Total sqm: 5000sqm

  • Manchester Town Hall in UK
    Glass makeup: 3*12mm low iron glass curved tempered HST+2*1.52mmSGP
    Total sqm: 400sqm, 8m height curved glass with big top and bottom stainless steel shoes

  • Bloomberg place in London,UK
    Glass makeup: 12mm Serrated Annealed Low-Iron Glass heat treated + 2.66mm interlayer
    (included 0.38mm sand white) + 8mm SunGuard SN 51/28 HT HS #4 + 16A TIG +6mm
    Low-Iron hs+ 1.52mm PVB+ 6mm Low-Iron HS
    Total sqm: 160sqm

  • Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
    Glass makeup: 3*12 or 15mm low iron FT HST+ 2*1.78SGP
    Total sqm: 250sqm, 12m height roof and façade fin glass

  • One Blackfriars in London
    Main glass makeup: 6mm low iron SunGuard silver 70HD #2 HS +1.52PVB+6mm low iron
    SunGuard silver 70HD #3 HS, curved glass with radius from 2m-13m
    Total sqm: 18000sqm, #2 & #3 surface are both with coating, need to concave and convex curved

Manulife in Canada
Main glass makeup: 8mm low iron heat strengthened glass+1.52PVB+8mm low iron
heat strengthened glass OPTISOLAR US50II low-E coating on surface
#4+12Ar+8mm low iron heat strengthened glass +12Ar+8mm low iron heat
strengthened glass +8mm low iron tempered Optilite US83 low-E coating on
surface #7
Total sqm: 20000sqm
Address: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1. Roller wave should control within 0.125mm/300mm, BNG special tempering
performance for roller wave.
2. Irregular curved glass, min radius 1530mm, max height 4500mm.
3. High reflective coating request very small deformation.

Beautiful Waterfull in Beijing, China
Main glass makeup: 8mm grey tinted curved tempered glass + 16Ar + 8mm low
iron tempered US83 low-e #3
Total sqm: 24000sqm
Address: Liu-li-tun Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
1. All glass is irregular.
2. Each glass piece features a radius of 3.7m to 45m.
3. Every piece of glass has a different axis, not symmetrical.
4. Irregular glass is easily twisted, especially for 3 or 4 meter radius glass
5. 2 or 4 pieces glass need to be assembled in one unit.
6. Curved tempered glass without a straight edge.

  • APEC
  • Apple Retail Store, Omotesansdo, Tokyo
  • G20 Night Scene
  • Shanghai Natural History Museum
  • Aerial view of the World Expo Museum
  • EXPO Sunbeam
  • Phoenix International Media Center in Beijing
  • China World Trade Center Tower III
  • National Centre for the Performing Arts
  • Wuhan Guanggu International Tennis Center
  • Water Cube
  • Tianjin Tower
  • Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort in Huzhou
  • The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Central
  • Westlake Apple Store in Hangzhou
  • Tomorrowland of Shanghai Disneyland
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Lotte World Tower
  • Fireworks of Bird's Nest