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Glass Tempering Furnace

    1. T Series Glass Tempering Furnace
      Equipped standard with "Finer Heating Control Partition" and "Intelligent Heating Control System based on glass Exit-temperature", suitable to produce highest quality tempered glass at large-scale production with high efficiency and stability. It is the ideal choice of domestic & foreign leading glass processors for industrial upgrading.
    1. A Series Glass Tempering Furnace
      Equipped standard with "Intelligent Heating Control Module" and "Super Flat & Spotless technology" and optional with "Gapless Forced Convection technology", A-series tempering furnace can efficiently & stably temper almost all glass with minor optical distortion and slight iridescence. It is the most popular choice of main tempered glass production furnace for all glass processors.
    1. B Series Glass Tempering Furnace
      After 20 years experience accumulation, B-series is the most mature tempering furnace who can produce domestic first-class quality tempered glass. With advantages of simple operating, easy maintenance and low investment, it is an affordable choice for small & medium-size glass processors.

Tempering Furnace Division
As the first BU, Tempering Furnace Division (TFD) is always the core sector of NorthGlass with the largest sales value since 20 years ago. From the development and sales of the first glass tempering furnace in 1995, TFD has totally produced and sold nearly 4000 glass tempering furnaces. These furnaces were sold not only in China with cumulative market share of almost 50%, but also exported to more than 80 foreign countries, including USA, Germany, Switzerland, UK, France, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, Australia, South Korea, India, Singapore, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. We have repeatedly created and broken our own world records, such as 2.85×5 m bent tempering furnace, 4.5×2.85 m bent glass tempering furnace, 3.6×18 m flat/bent glass tempering furnace.

Absolute leading position in the market
NorthGlass's continuous glass tempering furnace is taking an absolute leading position in the market, the cumulative sales is more than 100 sets including more than 50 sets sold in last three years. In whatever capacity, energy consumption, or product quality and equipment stability, NorthGlass continuous tempering furnaces are significantly ahead of the other competitors, becoming the first choice for photovoltaic industry and other industrial glass processors.

Leading glass tempering process technology, advanced equipment R&D capability, strong production bases, complete sales & service network, all these are not only NorthGlass's core competence, but also the powerful guarantee to NorthGlass furnaces' efficient and stable running all over the world.

Our Partners and Projects
NorthGlass's domestic reference customers are CSG, XYG, FUYAO, SYP, Taiwan Glass, FGG, etc., and the international reference customers are SGG, AGC, GUARDIAN, GLAS TROESCH, SCHOLLGLASS, SUNGLASS, VALENTINI, VITRO, etc.. Multiple glass deep-processing technologies developed by NorthGlass have been successfully applied in a lot of famous construction projects all over the world.