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Service and Technology

Glass Processing Equipment

Technical Service
1. NorthGlass provides technical consulting in regards to equipment and production processes. We can compile appropriate models for you to look over.
2. We complete installation, commissioning and on-site inspection of the equipment once it is delivered.
3. Free maintenance services are provided for the working lifetime of the equipment.
4. We can assist in installing upgrades to ensure that the equipment is always running in the best condition.

Technical Training of Operators
1. NorthGlass provides technical guides that cover all technical specifications, solutions and common errors to help operators quickly identify and fix any issues.
2. We offer operating training before and after sale to ensure that qualified operators can use the equipment safely and independently.
3. We have the resources and knowledge to help solve any potential issues during production and after delivery.

Daily Service
1. Our service hotlines are available at any time.
2. For service applications and complaints, we reply within 12 hours of receipt.
3. We perform regular callbacks and can return to visit to make sure that you are satisfied with your equipment.
4. For problems that require hands on maintenance, we can dispatch technicians to be at your facility within 12-36 hours if we have a service center in your area and 24-36 hours if not.

Spare Parts Supply
Our spare parts warehouse in Luoyang City gives us the ability to supply fast and efficient service to our customers. Spare parts are provided free of charge within the warranty period. This does not include parts that are damaged due to misuse or consumable parts.

User Profiles
We maintain complete and detailed user profiles of our customer data in order to quickly respond to any issues that may arise or to more effectively provide information.

Paid Service
1. Within the warranty period, damages not caused by human error with be replaces free of charge, including material and labor costs. For damage parts due to misuse, we will charge material costs, labor costs and travel expenses.
2. When the warranty expires, we will charge the material costs for damaged components. For the second year, you will pay for material costs for on-site services but the labor costs is free. In the third year you pay both labor costs and travel expenses.

Processed Glass

NorthGlass deep processing glass products are core components of our business and they have been used in architectural applications for many notable buildings as curtain walls.

We are one of the world's foremost suppliers of architectural glass and we produce hollow glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, enameled glass, screen printed glass and other glass products according to the needs of our customers.

Processing Equipment
  • Tempering furnace
    Maximum production size: 3600 (arc length) X18000mm

  • Silver plating line
    Maximum production size: 3300X18000mm double face silvered

  • Hollow glass production line
    Maximum production size: 3600X18000mm

  • Laminating line
    Maximum production size: 3600X18000mm

  • Digital printing machine
    Maximum production size: 3300X18000mm

  • Machining center
    Maximum production size: 3300X18000mm

  • Double side grinding machine
    Maximum production size: 3300X6000mm 3600(Width)X100(Thickness)

  • Screen printing line
    Maximum production size: 3300X6000mm

  • Autoclave
    Maximum production size: 3600X18000mm

  • Homogenizing furnace
    Maximum production size: 3600X18000mm