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Glass Processing Equipment

Tempering Furnace Division
The core production sector of NorthGlass is our tempering furnace division (TFD). It has been our leading source of sales value in the past 20 years and from the initial development in 1995 we have sold nearly 4000 glass tempering furnaces. In the tempered glass production market, we hold a market share of almost 50% and we do business in more than 80 countries around the world.

One of the biggest strengths of NorthGlass is our ability to innovate. We have repeatedly set and broken records when it comes to tempering furnace production with equipment such as our 2.85x5m bent tempering furnace, 4.5x2.85m bent glass tempering furnace, and 3.618m flat/bent glass tempering furnace. The NorthGlass continuous glass tempering furnace is a market leading product with a sales total reaching more than 100 sets. 50 of which have been sold in the last 3 years. Inspecting the furnace's qualities, you will find that our equipment is significantly ahead of the competition when it comes to capacity, energy consumption and finished product quality. This is all made possible by our advanced equipment, R&D capabilities, and excellent production bases.

Some of NorthGlass's domestic customers include CSG, XYG, Fuyao, SYP, Taiwan Glass, and FGG. Our international customers include SGG, AGC, Guardian, Glas Troesch, Schollglass, Sunglass, Valentini, Vitro, etc.

Shanghai NorthGlass Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai NorthGlass Automation Technology was founded in 2015 and is a company dedicated to the production of highly intelligent glass processing lines. The company has sold hundreds of sets of machines including a production line for Beijing Jida Yaohua Glass Co. for their production facility. Another 3 production lines will be put into use in the near future.

Guangdong Northglass and Juisun Technology Industry Co., Ltd.
Years of experience and gathered expertise have led to the development of high quality screen printing and glass preprocessing equipment. Guangdong Northglass provides customers with complete automatic processing solutions for automotive and home appliance glass. The equipments cover cutting, grinding, drilling, screen printing and drying for a variety of glass products. We specialize in screen printing of ultra-thin home appliance glass and producing high efficiency drying furnaces. Our pre-processing equipment has been praised by renowned automotive glass manufacturers and sold to more than 50 countries.