Curved Glass

Curved Glass is an essential element of modern, free-form architecture. To meet the current market requirements NorthGlass Curved Glass is produced by using three different production processes. This enables NorthGlass to produce curved glass of the highest quality and best safety characteristics for each individual project.
Depending on the glass build up, coatings and bending geometry, dimensions of 3.6 m x 18.0 m are achievable.

FT or HS: cylindrical curved, heat strengthened glass.
AN: annealed, gravity bent glass.
CB: cold bend glass which is bent during the lamination process.

Maximum Size: 3600mm×18000mm, 2440mm×5000mm(convex)
Minimum Size: 300mm×600mm
Minimum radius of curvature : 600mm
Thickness: 4mm-19mm

The representative cases of NorthGlass:
EXPO Shiliupu Pier
Guangzhou Opera House
National Aquatics Center-Water Cube
Shanghai Culture Center
Beijing Junhao Center Square

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